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Re: Taking over production of emacs20 package.

> I think the number one question we need to address is whether we want
> to support running Xemacs and GNU emacs at the *same* time.

Yes, we do want to support running both Emacsen.  I don't see how 
dropping one for the other can even be considered a viable option.

> If we do not, it becomes more difficult for users to test out the
> other, but it becomes much easier to maintain the emacs setup. I do
> not believe that one can sensibly in the longer *use* both, though
> people maintaining stuff for both versions obviously will have the
> need to test it on both.

This argument is perhaps valid for a single-user home Debian system, 
but it is not acceptable for a multiuser environment.  Having Debian 
dictate that ISP's, universities, or corporation use a single emacsen 
because we don't want to support more than one is rediculous.

My university, on the CS department machines (running Solaris, not 
Debian GNU/Linux), currently maintains two versions of XEmacs, at least 
one of GNU Emacs, multiple Netscapes, both GCC and the Sun CC, and both 
the GNU fileutils and the Sun equivilants.  This type of mixed system 
is not uncommon in large installations.

Even with a single user the argument has weak points.  This past week, 
there were several times when I had both XEmacs and GNU Emacs frames 
open simultaneously.  And then in a third window, start vi.  While this 
abuse of editors is unusual, there are times when I can definately see 
the use of multiple versions of the same basic editor, even for a 
single user.  Jove for quick edits, XEmacs for normal programming and 
other editing jobs, and Xemacs-MULE for foreign language processing (if 
I can ever figure out how to input text in kana and kanji, I'd be 

     Buddha Buck                      bmbuck@acsu.buffalo.edu
"Just as the strength of the Internet is chaos, so the strength of our
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