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Work-Needing and Prospective Packages for Debian GNU/Linux

Work-Needing and Prospective Packages for Debian GNU/Linux
$Id: packages.sgml,v 1.62 1997/12/15 22:51:11 johnie Exp $

1.  General Questions

1.1.  Before reading this document

You should have read the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ

1.2.  Purpose of this document

This document is intended to identify areas that need your
contributions. It provides information that hopefully changes quite
often, so it supplements the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ.

1.3.  Getting newer versions of this document

Newer versions of this document will be available via FTP and HTTP:

  o  <http://www.debian.org/doc/prospective-packages.html>

  o  <ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/package-developer/prospective-

  o  <ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/package-developer/prospective-

1.4.  Feedback

Please send additions, corrections, suggestions and wishes to the WNPP
maintainer wnpp@debian.org.  Please mention to which version of this
document your comments refer.

Try to change the subject of your mail to reflect the packages you're
talking about, it makes it easier for to sort out all "Re: Work-
Needing and Prospective Packages" emails. A suggested subject line
reads "WNPP: removing foopackage" or "WNPP: working on barpackage".

2.  Recent Changes

2.1.  Since version 1.61 1997/12/08

  o  The postgresql and typist packages are now uploaded.

  o  The witalian package is now being maintained by Davide G. M.
   Salvetti <mailto:salve@debian.org>.

  o  Orphaned glimpse.

  o  Ole J. Tetlie <mailto:olet@ifi.uio.no> has adopted pari and

  o  Debmake is now maintained by Santiago Vila Doncel

  o  The verse, bible-kjv, and worklog packages are now maintained by
   Oliver Elphick <mailto:Oliver.Elphick@lfix.co.uk>.

  o  Paul Slootman <mailto:paul@debian.org> is now maintaining

  o  Removed strn from "not available" section.

  o  The giflib and kde packages are now orphaned.

  o  Joel Klecker <mailto:jk@espy.org> is now maintaining macutils,
   mcvert, and opie, and is working on zile (an emacs-like editor).

  o  Juergen Menden <mailto:menden@morgana.camelot.de> is now working on
   the orphaned package dialdcost.

  o  Yann Dirson <mailto:ydirson@a2points.com> is working on the
   previously orphaned package tkman.

  o  Removed agrep from text utilities needing packaging, as it is
   contained within glimpse.

  o  Jim Mintha <mailto:jim@geog.ubc.ca> is working on taking over the
   packages lsof and automount.

  o  Dropped the orphaned package bzip completely.

  o  Igor Grobman <mailto:igor@digicron.com> is packaging battleball, a
   3D soccer game played with tanks.

  o  Orphaned arpd and vgrind, as Dominik Kubla has left the Project.

  o  Douglas Bates <mailto:bates@stat.wisc.edu> is working on GNU R,
   which is not unlike S, a language and system for statistical data
   analysis and graphics developed at Bell Labs.

  o  Removed perl documentaion from works in progress, as the provided
   manpages are sufficient.

  o  Roberto Lumbreras <mailto:rover@lander.es> has adopted the radiusd-
   merit package.

3.  Orphaned packages

(An orphaned package is a package that has no current maintainer.)

Please inform wnpp@debian.org via e-mail:

  o  when you find that you need to orphan a package

  o  when you believe that the following list is incomplete

  o  when you would like to maintain one of these packages.

Andreas Jellinghaus aj@dungeon.inka.de :

  o  kde

  o  giflib

Michael Alan Dorman mdorman@viper.law.miami.edu :

  o  glimpse

Dominik Kubla

  o  arpd

  o  vgrind

Rob Browning rlb@cs.utexas.edu :

  o  blt

Helmut Geyer Helmut.Geyer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de :

  o  auctex

  o  ghostview

  o  lacheck (libc5)

  o  libc5

  o  libc5-altdbg

  o  libc5-altdev

  o  libc6.1

  o  libc6.1-dbg

  o  libc6.1-dev

  o  libc6.1-pic

  o  libproc-dev

  o  procps

  o  xproc

  o  xxgdb

Orn E. Hansen :

  o  xega

  o  xmailtool

  o  xspread

Yves Arrouye Yves.Arrouye@marin.fdn.fr :

  o  compress-package

  o  ppd-adobe-common, ppd-adobe-extra, ppd-adobe-misc, ppd-gs

  o  psptools

Dominik Kubla dominik@debian.org :

  o  arpd

  o  csh

Brian C. White bcwhite@verisim.com :

  o  zyxel

Raul D. Miller moth@debian.org :

  o  j1 (in old source format)

  o  sam

Michael Nonweiler mrn20@cam.ac.uk :

  o  nas

Jim Robinson jimr@simons-rock.edu :

  o  mh-papers

  o  term

Doug Geiger runexe@ntplx.net :

  o  apsfilter

Erick Branderhorst branderh@debian.IAEhv.nl :

  o  giftrans

  o  mathpad

  o  mfbasfnt

  o  wenglish

Christian Linhart chris@cosy.sbg.ac.at :

  o  xarchie

  o  bibindex

Shaya Potter spotter@CapAccess.org :

  o  pgcc

Stuart Lamble lamble@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au :

  o  fsp

Guy R. Thomas gthomas@native-ed.bc.ca :

  o  dld (do we still need this ?)

Patrick J Edwards edwards@cambridgnet.sk.ca :

  o  mailpgp

Robert Leslie rob@mars.org :

  o  motifnls

Tom Lees tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk :

  o  file-rc

David Engel david@ods.com :

  o  tcl74

  o  tcl75

  o  tk40

  o  tk41

Philippe Troin phil@fifi.org :

  o  tclx74

  o  tclx75

  o  tix40

Michael Fletcher zidj@geocities.com :

  o  javalex

  o  java-cup

  o  rsynth

Karl Sackett krs@cortex.caos.aamu.edu :

  o  9fonts

  o  9menu

  o  9term

  o  9wm

  o  courtney

  o  freelip

  o  groupkit

  o  imgstar

  o  lee

  o  mimedecode

  o  objpak

  o  pgapack

  o  premail

  o  saoimage

  o  snns

  o  tcs

  o  tkdiff

  o  wily

  o  xbattle

  o  xephem-smotif

  o  xpostitplus

Hakan Ardo hakan@debian.org :

  o  addressbook

Christian Schwarz schwarz@monet.m.isar.de :

  o  hyperlatex

  o  latex2rtf

Herbert Xu herbert@debian.org :

  o  gettyps


  o  rc

  o  xcompat (should we drop it ?)

  o  libc4 (a.out compatibility)

4.  Packages needing a new maintainer

Please inform wnpp@debian.org via e-mail:

  o  when you find that you'd like to discontinue maintaining a package

Please inform wnpp@debian.org and the mainatiner of the package:

  o  when you would like to maintain one of the packages.

Sven Rudolph sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de :

  o  chimera (should be upgraded to v1.70)

  o  enscript

  o  seyon

  o  lpr

Martin Schulze joey@infodrom.north.de :

  o  xarclock

  o  lha

Joe Kirby kirby@utk.edu :

  o  lxtools

Christoph Lameter clameter@waterf.org :

  o  adbbs

  o  adpkg

  o  autofs

  o  berolist

  o  bonnie

  o  bridge/bridgex (Bridging Tools for Kernel 2.0.X/2.1.X)

  o  chris-cust

  o  debsums

  o  defrag

  o  dhcpd

  o  floppybackup

  o  freefont

  o  fvwm95

  o  gpc

  o  gpc-doc

  o  hylafax

  o  isite

  o  jail

  o  jered

  o  knfs

  o  le

  o  libgpc2

  o  mserver

  o  nat

  o  ncompress

  o  ncsa

  o  omirr

  o  optimizer

  o  pash

  o  poppassd

  o  sftp

  o  sharefont

  o  smb-nat

  o  ssmtp

  o  suidmanager

  o  transproxy

  o  xfstt

  o  xskat

  o  zmailer

Karl Ferguson karl@tower.net.au :

  o  sysutils

  o  unarj

Christian Schwarz schwarz@monet.m.isar.de :

  o  lurkftp

  o  htdig

Vincent Renardias vincent@waw.com :

  o  ftplib

  o  lde

  o  xabacus

  o  xmcpustate

  o  xodo

Michael Meskes meskes@topsystem.de :

  o  html2latex

  o  icmake

  o  ntfs

  o  umsdos

  o  xftp

Joost Witteveen joost@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl :

  o  axe

  o  pixmap

  o  pstoedit

  o  wm2

Johnie Ingram johnie@netgod.net :

  o  flin

Scott K. Ellis storm@gate.net :

  o  hypermail

5.  Packages that someone is working on

Programs listed in this section aren't yet available as Debian
packages, but someone is working on providing a package.

If you would like to work on one of these packages please contact the
responsible person listed below.

Joel Klecker jk@espy.org :

  o  zile (an emacs-like editor)

Yann Dirson ydirson@a2points.com :

  o  tkman

Igor Grobman igor@digicron.com :

  o  battleball (3D soccer game)

Douglas Bates bates@stat.wisc.edu :

  o  R (statistical analysis package)

Juergen Menden menden@morgana.camelot.de :

  o  dialdcost

Francesco Tapparo f.tapparo@vi.nettuno.it :

  o  gnome

Darren torin@daft.com :

  o  giftool

Brian Sulcer bsulcer@gibson.com :

  o  vile (vi-like editor)

  o  rogue

  o  umoria

Martin Schulze joey@infodrom.north.de :

  o  vtwm: Virtual Window Manager for X11

  o  yodl

  o  w3-msql (W3 frontend for mSQL)

Christian Lynbech lynbech@daimi.aau.dk :

  o  ilisp (emacs interface to a number of lisp systems)

  o  hyperbole (emacs hypertext/info management system)

  o  oobr (emacs package for browsing OO programs)

  o  STk (Scheme Tk, a scheme interpreter with Tk support)

Dermot Bradley bradley@debian.org :

  o  Umich LDAP

  o  Nocol (network admin/monitoring)

Vincent Renardias vincent@odin.waw.com :

  o  FWF (Free Widget Foundation) - A pretty good set of graphic widgets

  o  Aero (A Physically Based Simulation and Animation System -
   <http://www.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/ipvr/bv/aero/> )

Klee Dienes klee@sedona.com :

  o  NIST's POSIX validation suite

Yoshiaki Yanagihara yosiaki@bsd2.kbnes.nec.co.jp :

  o  japanese packages (mule, canna, Japanese Extended less)

Boris D. Beletsky borik@isracom.co.il :

  o  MIT scheme

  o  Freedom Desktop <ftp://fsw.com/pub/fdlite/FDlite1.32.tar.gz>

Christian Leutloff leutloff@debian.org :

  o  newtonlink

  o  jadetex

  o  dtdparse

  o  biss-awt

Todd Graham Lewis tlewis@mindspring.com :

  o  Kerberos ver. V (crypto) (non-US maintainer still needed)

  o  socks

Kai Henningsen kai@khms.westfalen.de :

  o  sather

Loic Prylli lprylli@graville.fdn.fr :

  o  jove

John Goerzen jgoerzen@complete.org :

  o  WorldVU-Atlantis BBS package

  o  midiplay (MIDI player)

Tristan McCann trismcc@nh.ultranet.com :

  o  Linux phone

Martin Alonso Soto Jacome masoto@uniandes.edu.co :

  o  jazz midi sequencer <http://rokke.grm.hia.no/per/jazz.html>

Christian Meder christian.meder@utoronto.ca :

  o  MuPAD

Andy Mortimer andy.mortimer@poboxes.com :

  o  TinyMUSH

Yann Dirson dirson@univ-mlv.fr :

  o  Using SGML - basic concepts (documentation)

  o  Understanding and writing SGML DTDs (documentation)

Hamish Moffatt hamish@debian.org :

  o  mars_nwe <ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/misc/ncpfs> (Netware server )

Mark Mickan mmickan@ozemail.com.au :

  o  hylafax

Marco Budde Marco.Budde@hqsys.antar.com :

  o  HTML version of Matt Welsh's "Installation &  Getting Started"

Drake Diedrich Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au :

  o  PVM

  o  DQS

Charles Briscoe-Smith cpb4@ukc.ac.uk :

  o  UPS - the X-based debugger. (There are Linux-specific patches

  o  GSpreview

Peter Tonoli anarchie@brimstone.suburbia.net :

  o  terroid

Joost Kooij joost@kooij.com :

  o  xbat

Will Lowe harpo@udel.edu :

  o  clisp

Stephan Suerken suerken@fh-worms.de :

  o  uae

  o  gom

  o  xpcd

Brian S. Julin bri@mojo.calyx.net :

  o  hypernews

Adrian Bridgett adrian.bridgett@poboxes.com :

  o  pppload

Robert Resendes resendes@ici.net :

  o  omniORB <http://www.orl.co.uk/omniORB/omniORB.html>

Anselm Lingnau lingnau@tm.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de :

  o  abc2ps

  o  abcmidi

Ole Jrgen Tetlie olet@ifi.uio.no :

  o  battalion

Jean Pierre LeJacq jplejacq@quoininc.com :

  o  crack

  o  cracklib

Paul J Thompson paul@thomppj.student.okstate.edu :

  o  linux explorer (a file manager a la windows explorer) Linux
   Explorer <http://jungfrau.ptf.hro.nl/explorer>
Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler ujr@physik.phy.tu-dresden.de :

  o  sidplay

Federico Di Gregorio fog@perosa.alpcom.it :

  o  reiserfs

Stefan Gybas cab@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de :

  o  hsc

James R. Van Zandt jrv@vanzandt.mv.com :

  o  emacsspeak-bs

  o  emacsspeak-ap

  o  emacsspeak-ac

  o  emacsspeak-xx

David Damerell damerell@chiark.greenend.org.uk :

  o  mangband

Gregor Hoffleit flight@thefly.mathi.uni-heidelberg.de :

  o  gstep-make

  o  gstep-gui

  o  gstep-xdps

  o  gstep-db

  o  dgs

  o  cakit

  o  ockit

  o  objc

Brian Bassett brian@butterfly.ml.org :

  o  cgic - CGI C library from boutell.com.

  o  srgp - Simple Raster Graphics Package

Leonardo Boselli leo@dicea.unifi.it :

  o  listguard - mailing list manager

Gergely Madarasz gorgo@caesar.elte.hu :

  o  hugs - haskell interpreter

Branden Robinson branden@apocalypse.sequitur.org :

  o  xtrs - TRS-80 emulator

Claus R. Wickinghoff chef@sundancer.oche.de :

  o  changesys - newsgroup ordering tool

James A.Treacy treacy@debian.org :

  o  siag - extensible spreadsheet program.

6.  Programs that aren't available yet in Debian

Programs listed in this section aren't yet available as Debian
packages, but there has been an expressed desire to include them.

If you want to create a Debian package, please send an e-mail to

6.1.  Programming and development:

  o  Scheme->C

  o  ECoLisp - a Common Lisp compiler that produces faster code but
   isn't as widely used as GCL

  o  CLiCC - Common Lisp compiler that generates stand-alone apps
   (rather large ones, though)

  o  CLX - Common Lisp Xlib implementation

  o  PCL - Portable Common Loops for GCL

  o  Cross-compilation environments for alpha, m68k, SPARC

  o  Modula-3
   (building this requires up to 200MB hard disk space!)

  o  ACE <http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/ACE.html> (a free C++

6.2.  USENET news software:

  o  strn.

6.3.  Graphics:

  o  Kubota Graphics Corporation's now-PD 3-D visualization system,

6.4.  X11:

  o  Andrew

  o  grok (database with many functions)

  o  xidle

  o  enlightenment

6.5.  Networking/Communication

  o  Roxen <http://www.roxen.com/> (WWW server)

  o  ftptool

  o  Speakerphone/Answering Machine for USR and Rockwell Modems

  o  multicast (MBONE)

6.6.  Text utilities

  o  HTML editors (tkHTML, auc-html.el)

  o  Virtual Paper

6.7.  Misc

  o  Artificial Life Programs ( http://alife.santafe.edu )

  o  Acmaint <ftp://ftp.ecn.purdue.edu/pub/ACMAINT/> (User
   administration tool)

  o  Willows <http://www.willows.com>.

7.  Programs that someone should write

This section contains suggestions/wishes for programs. There is no
known implementation of such a program for Linux.

  o  amspell (ms-dos) like spell checker, i.e. a spell checker what
   checks the complete text first, searching for alternatives (on the
   fly) and asking for user action at the very end of the checking
   process. This saves much time on low memory machines.

  o  A Debian administration tool. If possible with text frontend, web
   frontend and x11 frontend.

8.  Historic Changes

8.1.  Since version 1.59 1997/11/17

  o  The libc6 suite (libc6-pic, libc6, libc6-dbg, locales, libc6-dev,
   timezones, libc6-doc) is adopted by David Engel

  o  Packages fortunes, fortune-mod and chos adopted by Brian Bassett

  o  Orphaned auctex, bzip (libc5), ghostview, lacheck (libc5), libc5,
   libc5-altdbg, libc5-altdev, libc6.1, libc6.1-dbg, libc6.1-dev,
   libc6.1-pic, libproc-dev, procps, xproc, and xxgdb.

  o  Christoph Lameter <mailto:clameter@waterf.org> is offering most of
   his packages: debmake, debsums, bonnie, fvwm95, linuxlogo, ncsa,
   poppassd, suidmanager, and verse, among others.

  o  The gnome window manager is being worked on by Francesco Tapparo

  o  Hamish Moffatt has taken over guavac.

  o  Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> has adopted swisswatch, hfsutils,
   and psutils.

  o  The rocks-and-diamonds package has been uploaded.

  o  Gergely Madarasz <mailto:gorgo@caesar.elte.hu> is working on

  o  Added enlightement to packages someone should work on -- copies are
   floating around the net but were never uploaded to master.

  o  Orphaned blt.

  o  The Work Needing and Prospective Packages list is temporarily being
   maintained by Johnie Ingram <mailto:johnie@netgod.net>.

8.2.  Since version 1.58 1997/11/10

  o  Changed address for Yoshiaki Yanagihara to be yochi@debian.or.jp.

  o  Changed address for Chirstian Leutloff to be leutloff@debian.org.

  o  Added lsof to "packages needing a new maintainer".

  o  Info2www adopted by Marco Budde <mailto:Budde@tu-harburg.d400.de>.

  o  Mysql adopted by Scott Hanson <mailto:shanson@shcon.com>.

  o  Dvi2tty adopted by Adrian Bridgett

  o  Gregor Hoffleit <mailto:flight@thefly.mathi.uni-heidelberg.de> is
   working on gstep-make, gstep-gui, gstep-xdps, gstep-db, dgs, cakit,
   ockit, objc, and adopted libtclobjc.

  o  Paul J Thompson <mailto:paul@thomppj.student.okstate.edu> is
   packaging Linux explorer (used to be Craig Small).

  o  Added unarj as orphan (probably forgotten eons ago).

  o  Libdnd1 adopted by James LewisMoss <mailto:dres@dimensional.com>.

  o  Statserial adopted by Brian Bassett
   <mailto:brian@butterfly.ml.org>, and Brian is working on srgp and

  o  Leonardo Boselli <mailto:leo@dicea.unifi.it> is working on

  o  Gergely Madarasz <mailto:gorgo@caesar.elte.hu> is working on hugs.

  o  Gettyps is orphaned.

  o  Branden Robinson <mailto:branden@apocalypse.sequitur.org> is
   working on xtrs.

  o  Umsdos is orphaned.

  o  Majordomo adopted by Claus R. Wickinghoff
   <mailto:chef@sundancer.oche.de>, whos is also working on changesys.

  o  James A.Treacy <mailto:treacy@debian.org> is working on siag.

  o  Uploaded packages (dropped from the list):

  o  kon

  o  kterm

  o  www-sql

  o  delimmatch

  o  rvplayer

8.3.  Since version 1.57 1997/10/06

  o  Moved addressbook to orphaned.

  o  Freeciv adopted by Richard Braakman <mailto:dark@xs4all.nl>.

  o  Linux explorer moved to section "packages someone is working on".

  o  xscreensaver taken over by Craig Small <mailto:csmall@debian.org>.

  o  Added sidplay in section "packages someone is working on".

  o  Dropped bzip2 from "needed packages".

  o  Dmalloc adopted by Luis Francisco Gonzalez

  o  Added lurkftp and htdig into "packages needing a new maintainer".

  o  Moved hyperlatex and latex2rtf from "packages needing a new
   maintainer" to orphans section.

  o  Gnuplot adopted by Tibor Simko

  o  Added typist and realvideo-installer to "packages someone is
   working on".

  o  Ptx adopted by Santiago Vila Doncel <mailto:sanvila@unex.es>.

  o  Gcl and gclinfo adopted by Steve Dunham

  o  Mesa and glut adopted by James A.Treacy <mailto:treacy@debian.org>.

  o  Sox adopted by Guenter Geiger <mailto:geiger@iem.mhsg.ac.at>.

  o  Stefan Gybas <mailto:cab@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de> is working on

  o  Christian Leutloff <mailto:leutloff@sundancer.oche.de> is working
   on jadetex, dtdparse, delimmatch, newtonlink biss-awt.

  o  James R. Van Zandt <mailto:jrv@vanzandt.mv.com> is working on
   emacsspeak-{bs,ap,ac,xx} (Sorry for the bashism ;-).

  o  Hamish Moffatt <mailto:hamish@debian.org> is working on www-sql.

  o  Fvwm95, ncompress, upsd, xskat back into the orphans list.

  o  Fdos and komirr removed (dropped).

  o  Ircd adopted by the mysterious Ben (ask Christoph Lameter

  o  Willows added to the list of wanted packages.

  o  Oliver Elphick <mailto:olly@linda.lfix.co.uk> is working on

  o  Thhtpd was dropped.

  o  Idutch and wdutch adopted by Richard Braakman

  o  Xosview adopted by Radu Duta <mailto:rduta@xtra.co.nz>.

  o  David Damerell <mailto:damerell@chiark.greenend.org.uk> is working
   on mangband.

  o  Libkde0, libkde0-dev, kdeapps adopted by Andreas Jellinghaus
  o  Dropped trafshow (already in netdiag package).

  o  Newly uploaded packages (removed):

  o  xmgr

  o  xzx

  o  screen

  o  xconq

  o  figfonts

  o  xonix

  o  fidogate

8.4.  Since version 1.56 1997/09/08

  o  General cleanup of orphans package (no visible changes).

  o  Started probing for people who claimed they wanted to take over a
   package and never did it.

  o  Fixed a bad url.

  o  Removed cam from "packages someone is working on", uploaded.

  o  Restored majordomo in "packages needing a new maintainer" (new
   maintainer renounced).

  o  Removed hpcdtoppm from "packages someone is working on" and added
   gom instead (gom supercedes hpcdtoppm).

  o  Gpc, libgpc2 and gpc-doc taken over by Paul J. Thompson
   <mailto:thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu> and removed.

  o  Gs, gsfonts, gs-aladdin and libpaper taken over by Marco Pistore
   <mailto:marco@pisa.sbn.it> and removed.

  o  Ucbmpeg and ucbmpeg-play taken over by Johnie Ingram
   <mailto:johnie@netgod.net> and removed.

  o  Xmorph uploaded and removed from "packages someone is working on".

  o  Added bzip2 to "packages someone should package" section.

  o  Vrweb taken over by Larry Gilbert <mailto:irving@pobox.com>.

  o  Orphaned guavac, javalex, java-cup and rsynth.

  o  Wnorwegian taken over by Ole Jrgen Tetlie <mailto:olet@ifi.uio.no>.

  o  Jean Pierre LeJacq <mailto:jplejacq@quoininc.com> is working on
   crack and cracklib.

  o  Xfig and transfig taken over by Enrique Zanardi

  o  Isite, linuxlogo, loadlin, ncsa, omir, pash, poppassd, syslinux,
   transproxy, worklog taken over by a mysterious Ben (ask Christoph
   Lameter <mailto:clameter@waterf.org>).

  o  Added autofs, floppybackup, jered, nat, optimizer, sftp, ssmtp to
   "packages to give away".

  o  Enrique Zanardi <mailto:ezanardi@noah.dfis.ull.es> is working on

  o  Added addressbook as package to give away.

  o  Xfmail uploaded and removed from "packages someone is working on".

  o  offix-clipboard, offix-editor, offix-execute, offix-files, offix-
   trash taken over by James LewisMoss <mailto:dres@dimensional.com>.

  o  Removed the packages Karl Sackett was working on (leaving the

8.5.  Since version 1.55 1997/08/25

  o  Fixed a typo in PVM (was PVW).

  o  Removed xgammon from "packages someone is working on" (uploaded to

  o  Removed xpat2 and xsok from "packages needing a new maintainer"
   (new maintainer is Joel Rosdahl <mailto:joel@debian.org>.

  o  Cflow taken over by Ioannis Tambouras <mailto:ioannis@flinet.com>.

  o  Majordomo taken over by Andy Kahn USG <mailto:kahn@zk3.dec.com>.

  o  Changed the email for Drake Diedrich to be
   Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au instead of dld@empire.anu.edu.au.

  o  Orphaned tcl74, tk40, tcl75, tk41, tclx74, tclx75, tix40.

  o  Added abc2ps and abcmidi in "packages someone is working on".

  o  Added battalion to "packages someone is working on" and moved
   "rocks and diamonds" to it (used to be in the needed packages

  o  Xfishtank and xgalaga taken over by Joey Hess

8.6.  Since version 1.54 1997/08/18

  o  Removed asp from "packages someone is working on" (uploaded).

  o  Orphaned tkman.

  o  Bin86 taken over by Juan Cespedes <mailto:cespedes@etsit.upm.es>.

  o  Orphaned pgcc.

  o  Added majordomo to "packages needing a new maintainer".

  o  Removed smalleiffel from "packages someone is working on".

  o  Deliver taken over by Scott K. Ellis <mailto:storm@gate.net>.

  o  newsx taken over by Adrian Bridgett
  o  Added pppload and trafshow in "packages someone is working on".

  o  OmniORB (preivously listed in wanted packages) is being worked on.

  o  Figlet taken over by Francesco Tapparo

  o  Added xfmail to "packages someone is working on".

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