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Re: Intent to package: umich-ldap / WNPP: Dermot Bradley probably not maintaining packages

On 7 Dec 1997, Ed Donovan wrote:

> Some people on debian user had been sharing user-versions of mrtg; I got
> the wrong idea, and thought I was facilitating further packaging work .
> I'm much happier to see that you *are* still working on the project; do
> excuse me.

It's okay. Since I left my previous job in Feb I've not been on
debian-user or debian-devel (the volume is too much to keep up with). As a
result I've probably lost touch with what's happening. I see there are
archives of the lists at www.debian.org so I'll monitor those in future.


Dermot Bradley
bradley@oldcolo.com, bradley@debian.org

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