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Re: Uploaded sgrep 0.99-4.1 (source i386) to master

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Fabrizio Polacco wrote:

> Christian Schwarz wrote:
> > 
> > The sgrep package includes a Tcl/Tk based GUI to access the sgrep
> > command. It can be used to build complex search patterns.
> > 
> > Since sgrep runs without Tcl/Tk of course, the package does not
> > "Depend" on tcl/tk but "Recommend" this.
> True, but anyway user that skips the recommendation will get a run time
> error when trying to use the GUI based command.
> There is another possible solution: put that GUI command on a separate
> binary package (sgrep-tk or else) and make sgrep suggest it (even in the
> description). The sgrep-tk then can Depend on tk and all what it needs
> (maybe also sgrep, I suppose). This solution become very good if there
> are separate docs (manpages, info, html etc.) for the GUI based command.
> Since it depends from sgrep, both could share the same doc dir (with a
> symlink), so users don't have to search for docs.

An IMHO better solution would be to move sgtool (the Tcl/TK frontend to
sgrep) out of the PATH (say in /usr/lib/sgrep) and install a small wrapper
shell script /usr/bin/sgtool which checks for "wish", calls the
original sgtool or fails with an informative error message.

That's how it is done for xblast, for example.



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