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Re: Uploaded sgrep 0.99-4.1 (source i386) to master

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> The sgrep package includes a Tcl/Tk based GUI to access the sgrep
> command. It can be used to build complex search patterns.
> Since sgrep runs without Tcl/Tk of course, the package does not "Depend"
> on tcl/tk but "Recommend" this.
> I don't see any problems with that.

Suggests: would be better.  It's annoying to have to *repeatedly* tell
dselect that i don't want tk, tcl, and half-a-dozen other X packages on
a text-only system just because i want sgrep installed.

IMO, "Recommends:" is broken and doesn't provide any useful, non-irritating,
advantages over Depends: or Suggests:

The current behaviour of Recommends also increases the likeliness of a
user mistake causing a disaster - it is just plain *wrong* to have to press
Q to override the Recommends resolution screen.


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