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spontaneous reboots after hamm update

This morning I loaded these package updates onto my hamm (except for
ppp) system

    package     from            to
    -------     ----            --
    ae          962-15          962-16
    cdtool      2.0-1           2.0-2
    debhelper   0.21            0.23
    diff        2.7-14          2.7-15
    groff       1.10-4          1.11a-1
    kbd         0.94-6          0.95-1
    lesstif     0.81-2          0.82-1
    lesstifg    0.81-2          0.82-1
    libpcap0    0.4a2-1         0.4a2-2
    lilo        19-2            20-0.1
    makedev     1.6-26          1.6-27
    man-db      2.3.10-55       2.3.10-56
    netbase     3.00-1          3.01-1
    sox         11gamma-cb3-0.0 11gamma-cb3-1

Soon after that my system started having problems.  There is nothing in
the logs, the system just reboots.  This happened 3 times in a row, each
time within 10 minutes of the system coming up.  (After the 3rd time my
/etc directory was scrambled, leaving everything that used to be there
linked into /lost+found by number.  I'm still working on recovery, I
didn't have a current backup.)

This is mostly a heads-up, since I haven't seen anybody else talking
about anything like this.  I don't know what the cause of the problem

Roderick Schertler

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