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Re: Libc6 progress: 1997-11-23

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In article <m0xZdGT-001NHbC@night>,
	dark@xs4all.nl (Richard Braakman) writes:

>> >   xemacs20-20.2-4      (Mixed dependencies)
>> >   xemacs19-19.16-1     (Mixed dependencies)
>> Wait until there's a proper libc6 version of libcompface first, rather than
>> the semi-working version we've got at the moment.
> Hmm.  What's wrong with it?  My scripts think it's ok, except that the
> libc5-compat versions depends on libc6.

The funny dependencies, the fact that neither of them are linked with -lc,
and I don't think the libc5 library should be conflicting with libc5-dev.
Also, it apparently doesn't build cleanly.

> I don't think we can keep a.out support unless someone who's
> interested steps forward and takes care of it.

Fine. It's hardly a great loss these days.

> That means taking at least aout-gcc, aout-binutils, and dld. 

If we do take them out, we have to take out a.out runtime support too (since
they're needed to compile it). I don't think that's a great loss these days,
but some people might disagree.

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