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Re: New bug Severity for release-goals?

In article <m0xZdhB-001NHbC@night>,
	dark@xs4all.nl (Richard Braakman) writes:

>> > * Link shared libs against other shared libs instead of static [14]
>> What you mean is `link shared libs so they contain dependency information'.
>> I would add library doesn't contain dependency information to that, i.e.
>> libcompface is definitely not releasable.
> Do you mean "doesn't include a shlibs file" here?  I checked my packages
> file, and libcompfaceg1 does depend on libc6.

No, I mean link with -lc (and possibly other libraries); this doesn't
actually change what the linker does as far as I know, but it puts
dependency information into the library, so ldd gives the correct output and
more importantly different versions of libraries can coexist even if they're
called from other libraries, as is the case with libc.

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