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Re: Red Hat 5.0 Release date

On 20 Nov 1997, Jim Pick wrote:

> I'd rename the QA team to the "Release team".  They'd do release testing,
> and decide which packages go into the release, and which stay out.  Last
> time, all the packages went into the release - which shouldn't happen,
> because many of the packages were noticeably broken.

The QA team work is not aimed at releases. Every one in a while we
do bugfix uploads of the (~120) known orphaned packages.
Of course we need to be more active when a release is close, but that's
about it, so I see no need to rename it.

> The Release Team's job should be easy, if we have a round of developer testing
> first, which uses the bug system to identify broken packages.  The release
> team can monitor this, and prioritize what needs to be fixed.

You get a A+ for the theory, a F for practice _(;

We _did_ use this method for releasing 1.3 but only 4 or 5 developpers
volunteered for this, so it took a long time.

Developpers are clearly more interested by packaging new stuff than by
fixing old stuff.


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