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Re: Red Hat 5.0 Release date

From: David Engel <david@sw.ods.com>
> Isn't one of our goals to be better than RedHat?

Our goal is to be the best 100% free Linux distribution.
When you are thinking about competing with Red Hat or someone
else, it is because you are assuming that there are not enough
users for all of us. Try not to think of it as a shortage situation
and let Red Hat do their thing and Debian do its thing.

> I can't speak for other developers, but it's
> isheartening to me to put so much effort into Debian to make it the
> est and then see that effort go largely ignored by most LInux users
> hile RedHat continues to grow in popularity.

Hey, we came in _second_ in the Linux popularity survey. We beat Caldera,
Slackware, and SuSe. There isn't much to be depressed about.

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