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Re: Linus speaks

Plain and simply, ditto for me.

> In article <m0xYGED-00J4hDC@golem.pixar.com> you wrote:
> : I had dinner with Linus and some kernel hackers yesterday. When I gave
> : him a hard time about his "pragmatist" interview being used to justify
> : non-free software, he was suprised, and said "You can quote me to
> : justify any point in the world".
> Sounds kind of a simplistic exgaggeration of the issue. Linus is definitely for free
> software but also for tolerance of projects of a commercial nature contributing to
> Linux. I wonder what "justify non-free software" means? It does not have the right
> to exist?
> Seems that some other posts I made have vanished and never appeared on debian-devel.
> Let me just clarify the following, summarizing those posts:
> - I have never advocated changing the free nature of the debian main distribution.
> - I think the antagonistic style of dealing with non-free software is against
>   the spirit of the Social Contract. Non-free software distribution on our ftp
>   sites has always been a part of Debian.
> - Statements such as "we are always right" are plainly naive and give the
>   impression that we are a bunch of strange people not to be taken earnestly rather
>   than a serious Unix distribution.

                - Paul J Thompson

Defenders of the free software world, unite!
        - ask bruce (bruce@pixar.com) for his standard
          rhetoric for more info

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