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Re: inconsistent init.d arguments

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.971118075035.29581O-100000@siva.taz.net.au> you wrote:

: IMO in scripts which make no useful distinction between reload and
: restart, they should be made synonyms of each other....then all scripts
: will be guarranteed to handle both arguments correctly.

Exactly.  The technical distinction between reload and restart is something
I hadn't caught on to, and I appreciate being made aware of it.  However, from
what I can see, the scripts not supporting 'restart' could easily be augmented
to do the equivalent of a stop followed by a start, and the scripts that don't
support reload because the daemon's won't do it could easily accept reload as
an alias for restart.

So, I'll craft a set of bug reports for package that support one of reload or
restart that I've got installed that don't support both, asking that both be
supported in the most reasonable way.  I will also hop over to debian-policy
at some point and propose that all /etc/init.d scripts should be required to
support 'start/stop/reload/restart', with reload as an alias for restart in
the degenerate case... and let any discussion about whether that's a good
idea be carried on there.


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