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Re: Intent to package: eggdrop

Johnie Ingram <johnie@netgod.net> writes:

> "Eggdrop is the most advanced IRC robot available.  It has been
> under development since December 1993, and, unlike most other bots,
> it is still regularly updated..."
> Though this software has been used online for months to assist the
> Debian developers on irc.debian.org, I suspect there may be some
> argument that IRC robots are inherently "evil", and unsuitable for
> packaging.

I have never claimed that IRC robots are evil[1], inherently or
otherwise, however I have and will continue to claim that packaging
IRC robots so that *anyone* can run one is evil.  I know some 12 year
olds who desperately want to run a bot but who can't, thankfully,
compile eggdrop.  They probably could manage dpkg -i or using dselect
and basic (but certainly bad) configuration.  Bots are banned from the
vast majority of servers for a good reason.  There are no pre-compiled
binaries available on the official ftp sites for a good reason.

Yes, eggdrops can do good things (though choosing your own bot in
#debian is an extremely suspect choice IMHO), but that does not
justify make prepackaged versions of it.

[1] [Netgod: don't mix the two things, I think dpkg[the bot] is evil
because of the lame stuff it does, I do not think all bots are evil (I
run a couple).  I do, however, think prepackaged binaries of eggdop
are evil]


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