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Re: Uploaded magicfilter 1.2-14 (source i386) to erlangen

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997, David Frey wrote:
> >  Can you rework it to use the free version of ghostscript 
> > ?  Else magicfilter will have to move to contrib, which would be a 
> > shame.
> I'll of course try.

Just in the case you are having problems:
notice that gs cannot work with pdf files that come from an input pipe.

This is from the docs of gs_aladdin 5.03 (/usr/doc/gs/use.txt.gz), however
the same should be true also for gs 3.33:

  You cannot use the `-' switch to provide PDF input from stdin or a pipe.
  The PDF language, unlike the PostScript language, inherently requires 
  random access to the file.



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