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Re: Uploaded magicfilter 1.2-14 (source i386) to erlangen

Hi Dirk,
Hi James,

Thanks for immediately reminding me of the mistake I made.

Dirk Edelbuettel <edd@rosebud.ml.org> said:
> David> * added PDF entry (Bug #9766). magicfilter depends now on xpdf, 
> David> since it uses pdftops for the processing.
> Bad idea --- xpdf was moved to non-free because of the non-DFSG 
> license. [1]
I wasn't aware of this. The xpdf in bo was in the text section of main and
my installed version (0.7-2) has the same copyright.

>  Can you rework it to use the free version of ghostscript 
> ?  Else magicfilter will have to move to contrib, which would be a 
> shame.
I'll of course try.


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