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Re: Ramdisk > 8Mb

Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org> writes:

> On 4 Nov 1997, Brederlow wrote:
> > I tried to set up a ramdisk of 40 MB, which didn't work.
> > mke2fs /dev/ram1 16384 (or bigger) gives erros.
> > mke2fs /dev/ram1 8192 works.
> 	For ramdisks greater than 4092K you need to pass
> `ramdisk_size' to the kernel.  This works for me:
> LILO boot: Linux ramdisk_size=40960
> 	If you use ramdisk as a module, you should do:
> # modprobe rd rd_size=40960
> 	(or include `rd_size' in /etc/conf.modules).
> 	BTW, this is described in `Documentation/ramdisk.txt' in the
> Linux kernel.

The doc/ramdisk.txt is a bit misleading with its saying that the
ramdisk buffers are allocated dynamically, but I found that out
shortly after my mail as well. It still doesnt solve the problem.

I changed the setting in the kernel source, so I wouldn't have to
bother with the command line, but when loading a ramdisk of 32 MB
loadlin just hangs. When loading a ramdisk of 16 MB the loadlin
complains about not having enough space behind the kernel for the
ramdisk. When loading a ramdisk of 14 MB loadlin works, but the
initrd gets disabled because the ramdisk gets overwritten. With 12 MB
it then finally works.

I wrote to the programmer of loadlin, but haven't recieved any answere 

With just 12 MB I would need a gziped filesystem to have Debian and X
running on 12 MB, but with the packed filesystempatch the zipdrive I
use to make the ramdisk on and install the stuff doesn't work. The
patch might work with a newer or older kernel source as well, but I
haven't had time to test that yet.

May the Source be with you.

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