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Re: Selling Artistic License Software (WAS: Re: non-DFSG section and CD distributers)

The logical error you are making in this case is an inversion.
It would be bad if _many_people_ littered. 
The artistic license is OK if _at_least_one_ person makes software
that is appropriate for the Artistic License provisions that allow sale.

I agree it's a dumb license provision.


From: Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>
> The argument insists that this not be an allowed option, for the sake of
> the argument. This method of decission is one I use in my life, and it
> works very well. If you are about to take an action that you are uncertain
> about, ask yourself, "Would this work and be fair to all concerned if
> everyone took this action?"
> Using this principle it is very easy to decide whether it is "right" to
> throw a single paper cup out the window of your moving vehicle, or take
> someone elses property, help someone in need, provide software that is
> free, or anything else that I have come up against in my life. 
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