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READ THIS and stop deciding for us what we mean...

> what two arguments?  all i've heard from you so far is that you don't like
> the dfsg.  

This is entirely not my point.  And, since you do not see fit to read all the 
mails I have posted or are somehow simply incapable of comprehending the 
simple expressions of english speech I have used within, please don't respond 
again!  And if you must write, try to do so with intelligence and thought, not 
mindless ideology.

But, for the record:

1.  I have no problem with the DFSG as a whole (in fact, were some other 
changes made, I would actually be in favor of making it stricter)
2.  I am not making a big fuss over nothing -- as a Debian developer it is my 
responsiblity as yours to speak up where you feel needed.
3.  Go read Milan Zamazal's message subjected "Is Debian Ideology?" -- it is a 
pretty good reflexion of my actual concerns and not those which simply surface 
due to your debian fears
4.  Or Chris Lameter's recent message "Free Software orientation NOT at stake"

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