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Proposed solution to free/non-free Debate -- Please Read!

I have been argueing this date for a little while now because I felt it was 
important to the core of Debian -- not just in an effort to make trouble or 
enemies or whatever.

Anyways, I thought it might be a good idea to express exactly what I would 
consider changing and stop all this quickly-divergent-off-the-subject banter.

1.  I suggest we revise the wording of the DFSG to be a little more non-free 
software friendly.  Not relax our standards, just change the wording some to 
reflect a little more passive relationship instead of the hostile relationship 
it seems to currently convey in parts.

2.  Make the new, improved DFSG a lot more "in the way" to a new person 
looking into Debian.  By this I simply mean that we should try to make it our 
effort to make sure that every time someone looks at the Debian site for the 
first time, they manage to run into and read the DFSG and/or the social 
contract.  It just isn't obvious.  We might also think about inserting it 
somewhere near the beginning of the install process.

3.  Just a side idea which I think would be a good step has large effort 
involved.  Change non-free to non-dfsg.  I know the effort this would require 
and I have heard the complaints comments.  Someone said before this was bad 
because it was harder for a new user to understand but this is exactly why I 
think we should change it.  You couldn't help understand from where we came.  
Also, it would be (IMHO) a little more fair to those "not quite as non-free as 
some packages but still non-free packages."

I will try to present an actual copy to the list in the next day or so of what 
I actually mean for part 1 (revision of the DFSG).

Then, we can discuss the idea, adapt it if anyone besides me and a few others 
like it, and then vote yes or no.  Please condsider the ideas here carefully 
to see if you find and validity in them.

			Paul J Thompson

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