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Re: non-DFSG section and CD distributers

Paul J Thompson <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu> writes:

[ Reordered to something sane ]

> > In the process I came to the conclusion that "non-free" is a
> > misleading term - maybe it should be renamed "non-dfsg". A fair
> > number of packages in there are free, just not as "free" as we
> > would like them to be. I'll probably get flamed by lots of GPL
> > people, but I don't have a problem with someone who wants to
> > protect their hard work.
> Short and simply, I second this suggestion.  Anyone else agree?

Most definitely not.

Debian has a definition of free, it's in the Debian Free Software
Guidelines.  Software which is not free by that definition goes into
the non-free section on our ftp site.  It's in non-free on *Debian's*
ftp site, because it isn't considered free by Debian.  What's the
problem here?

James - DFSG.  Why are there developers who a) haven't read it? and b)
        appear to be opposed or completely apathetic to the
        fundamental idea behind it (free software)? *sigh*

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