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Re: Fw: Wow! Pentium bug fix!

Quoting Sami Laine (lane@iki.fi):
> "Adam Heath" <adam.heath@usa.net> writes:
> > This is from the "Linux Kernel" mailing list.  Rack one up for the linux
> > community!
> Has someone patched this fix to 2.0.x kernel tree? I'm running couple
> of production machines with Debian/GNU and I don't want to run
> unstable 2.1.x kernels in those systems.

Linus did an untested quicky patch called 2.0.32pre3; it didn't work.
I'm sure that someone will give it another shot once it's certain that
the 2.1.x patch works reliably. I'd definately expect it to be in the
final 2.0.32.

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