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Re: Political policymaking

This is the right idea:  (IMHO too...)

> IMHO if we do anything in this direction, we should go for a general purpose
> opinion gathering system, and let anyone on the list put up proposals on any
> subject by mailing to something like cfv@lists.debian.org.
> That way, when anyone feels the need for a vote, they can write up a
> proposal, cc: it to cfv, and the readership can vote if they feel like it.
> We just need to ensure that everyone is limited to one vote each (pgp signed
> votes?), allow more than just yes/no votes (i.e. "don't like the question",
> "don't give a damn" ;-) and put the running totals on a web page.
> Forget the python-esque ``two thirds majority at the bi-weekly meeting''
> stuff, we should all hopefully be intelegent enough to draw appropriate
> conclusions from individual votes on a case by case basis.
> Why make it more complicated ?
> Cheers, Phil.

Brought to you by the letters G and D and the number 12.

Paul J. Thompson <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu>

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