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Re: Political policymaking

> > If amendments interact with each other then the different plausible
> > alternatives are put to the vote together using Single Transferrable
> > Vote.
> This is about where I start falling asleep.
> It's an awful lot of mechanism you are proposing, and I strongly doubt
> it is all that necessary. I'd like to hear from other developers on that.

It didn't seem general enough for me.

IMHO if we do anything in this direction, we should go for a general purpose 
opinion gathering system, and let anyone on the list put up proposals on any 
subject by mailing to something like cfv@lists.debian.org.

That way, when anyone feels the need for a vote, they can write up a proposal, 
cc: it to cfv, and the readership can vote if they feel like it.

We just need to ensure that everyone is limited to one vote each (pgp signed 
votes?), allow more than just yes/no votes (i.e. "don't like the question", 
"don't give a damn" ;-) and put the running totals on a web page.

Forget the python-esque ``two thirds majority at the bi-weekly meeting'' 
stuff, we should all hopefully be intelegent enough to draw appropriate 
conclusions from individual votes on a case by case basis.

Why make it more complicated ?

Cheers, Phil.

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