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Re: Political policymaking

  Certainly! Skilled and experienced managers once appointed by the 
developers should not be allowed to make decisions, but rather spend 
their tenure counting votes from developers. Praise the democratic logic...  
In my opinion, if we are ever to move forward, and break-out of the amusing
zoological park that we are in, we need competent managers willing to serve. 
Managers who know that the goals Debian are non-negotiable; managers who are 
not bazaar managers, or Saints of dumpsters in Calcutta; and managers who tell
of their plans and do them. We might decide to elect them again. Certainly,
we want managers who will not require us to refresh our cycles to debian 
politics every two minutes.

 We already know what we want and we know why we want it. If we only do not
have to wait for the giants of democracy to decide.... 

> It's an awful lot of mechanism you are proposing, and I strongly doubt
> it is all that necessary. I'd like to hear from other developers on that.
> 	Thanks
> 	Bruce


Ioannis Tambouras
ioannis@flinet.com, West Palm Beach, Florida
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