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Re: group for mouse device ?

Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> but now i was told, that some games use mouse devices (e.g. squake).
> i thought these games run as root (so they can access the vga card) ?
> or do they drop the root uid before opening mouse device ?

Svgalib drops all suid and sgid permissions as soon as it initializes. Yes,
this is causing problems with not being able to access the mouse, and I have 
a bug report on file against svgalib.
I would be useful to have a mouse group and make the mouse device be in this 
group, and add users to this group when they log into the console. That
should fix the problem with svgalib programs. 

However, most mouse devices are just normal serial devices, which tends to 
complicate the matter - what would be responsible for setting the group of 
the mouse device?

see shy jo

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