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Re: x locking vs. ssh

Mark W. Eichin <eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us> wrote:
> Hmm, interesting.   Yeah, at first glance I'd call it a bug that ssh
> doesn't create the lock file, but I'd have to take a look at what else
> actually uses it...

While we're on the topic (I've been mucking with X some this weekend),
I've been thinking that rstart should preferentially use ssh over rsh.

For a moment, I thought that maybe ssh could use update-alternatives and
provide a shell script with the rsh interface. But on reading the man
pages, I ses that ssh doesn't provide support of kerberos in the way
that rsh does [ssh forwards kerberos tickets unless told otherwise,
while rsh uses kerberos as a login authentication mechanism and can
be told which realm to use].  I also wonder if ssh will use the rsh
des mechanism if there's no remote ssh server...  [That would be
truly odd.]

Of course, you could ask why I'd want to bother with rstart when 
ssh -f does roughly the same thing... it's mostly a cross-platform
issue rather than a personalization issue.

Anyone know about this topic?


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