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xearth debian developer database decision

>  g) People came up and said that this data was not copyrightable in
>     the forst place, and licences, GPL or otherwise, were
>     irrelevant. We need a lawyer to tell us if that indeed is the
>     case. 

All right, fiat mode on.

I'm going to work under the assumption that the data _is_ copyrightable
until someone proves otherwise.

Please give everyone who is represented in the database notice about the

1. They have two weeks to request their removal from the database.

2. After that point, SPI will copyright the remaining records with
   the GPL as license. If there is an incedent of fraud, we will use the
   criminal law system, not the license, to prosecute that.

3. People who want to be removed from the database after we issue it will
   be removed from the master copy, but other copies might persist for a
   long time.

Fiat mode off.

That won't please everyone, but it's a decision.


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