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Re: How is the ftp being run?

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Chris Fearnley wrote:

> With rex, I only needed to mirror rex-updates and mount a cd with
> Debian 1.2 in order to have a current copy of all "stable" packages.
> But it seems we are doing slipstream releases now??
> What should I mirror to only have those files updated beyond my
> mounted copy of bo??  Or should I just throw out my CDs and mirror the
> whole damn copy of bo in order to keep updated as to what changes have
> been made to the archive??
> I really liked the way rex was handled and it appears that things have
> changed without me noticing!  Help!

I hate "me too"'s, but I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.  I think
every update to bo since 1.3.0 should be present in bo-updates.  It takes
much less space to mirror bo-updates than the whole distribution, which
manu of us have on CD-ROM.

If packages need to be withdrawn or something similar, simply report that
fact in the ChangeLog (as is currently done).  It also wouldn't bother me
for a package to present only once in bo-updates if, for instance, it was
updated in stable more than once (e.g., "oops, I put the libc6 version in
stable").  Just so one can get step up from and previous version of stable
to the latest in one fell swoop by installing from bo-updates.

I would also like to suggest that anytime a package from base is updates,
the bootdisks should be rebuilt on the FTP server so that nobody has
outmoded base packages (especially since the user is explicitly told "you
don't have to install the packages in the base section, you already have
them" -- slightly misleading if some have been updated).

Finally, can someone advise me on how to get dselect to just poke its nose
into my bo-updates directory and offer to upgrade to the newer versions of
already-installed packages?  I think I would have to build a Packages file
to do that, and frankly the creation of one strikes me as somewhat

Alternatively, some dpkg command line magic that does the following would
be fine:

cd .../bo-updates
foreach package-in-this-directory
  if package-installed && newer-version-here
    dpkg -i this-version-right-here

Currently I do this by hand, stripping out the package name with cut and
generally going to too much effort.

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