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Re: New packages: dtdparse, DelimMatch plus perl questions

"James R. Van Zandt" <jrv@vanzandt.mv.com> writes:

> 2) How many of these errors would deblint catch?  Could it be extended
> to catch more of them?

I put my remarks to each bug:

> >As far as I know there is no /lib/perl5; this should be /usr/lib/perl5.
> >...

This was fixed by testing ;-)

> >There is no upstream changelog?

there wasn't a changelog

> >Also, according to section 5.8 of the policy manual, changelogs should be
> >installed compressed even if they are small.

fixed through new dh_installchangelogs

> >You will probably want to indent these items by two or more spaces, so
> >that they don't get word-wrapped.  (Packaging manual, 7.1)

> >none of these programs have man pages.  Also, the names "parents"
> >and "children" and "elements" (and perhaps "plain.pl") are probably too
> >general for such a specialised package as this.  

can these be testet automagically?

> >You don't need this directory.
> >...

> 3) Is deblint (or equivalent) automatically invoked when a package is
> submitted?

no. But it should. Because it fixed the easy (that are detectable)


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