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Re: New packages: dtdparse, DelimMatch plus perl questions

dark@xs4all.nl (Richard Braakman) wrote

>Hi.  I can't say much about the perl side, but I can give some comments
>about the rest of the packaging.
>As far as I know there is no /lib/perl5; this should be /usr/lib/perl5.
>There is no upstream changelog?
>Also, according to section 5.8 of the policy manual, changelogs should be
>installed compressed even if they are small.
>You will probably want to indent these items by two or more spaces, so
>that they don't get word-wrapped.  (Packaging manual, 7.1)
>none of these programs have man pages.  Also, the names "parents"
>and "children" and "elements" (and perhaps "plain.pl") are probably too
>general for such a specialised package as this.  
>You don't need this directory.
>This should be installed as changelog.gz (policy manual, 5.8).

These are good comments.

1) There was a discussion about mentors for new maintainers.  Would
you be willing to review prospective packages for new maintainers?

2) How many of these errors would deblint catch?  Could it be extended
to catch more of them?

3) Is deblint (or equivalent) automatically invoked when a package is

                          - Jim Van Zandt

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