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Re: Packaging perl modules / new package TimeDate

	I've always wanted to package a lot of the CPAN packages (I
 already do libcgi-perl), but I keep running out of time. I have a
 debian/rules file that would likely work for a lot of the CPAN
 packages, and with time can be worked into a kernel-package style
 package (cpan-package?). There are probably a number of unresolved
 issue (package naming is one), and I'm not sure if some packages may
 require special handling.

	Is someone working on this? I can forward you my rules
 file. There are other things higher up on my list at the moment, but
 I guess I'll eventually get to this unless someone has already
 created a cpan-package.

	I think we _should_ consider a Perl directory just like we
 have a TeX directory, since the size of CPAN is likely to be of the
 same order as CTAN ...

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