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Re: Manifesto for the Debian Project leadership election - Ian Jackson

On 7 Nov 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Ian> I therefore propose to put the DFSG through the procedure I shall
> Ian> set up, after that procedure itself has been approved by the
> Ian> membership.
> 	I think you should first find out if the membership want you
>  to do this in the first place.

So, what procedure are we going to set up so we can ascertain whether the
membership wants to approve and set up a procedure to ratify the proposal
for the DFSG?  And how do we approve that procedure? :-))))

On a more serious note, are we going to see any sort of formalized (or
informal, for all I care) back and forth between Bruce and Ian?  For
example, I do like some of Ian's ideas, but I think that just because they
are his does not mean that Bruce is necessarily opposed to them.

Personally, a debate regarding release engineering would be of interest to
me.  I think we can do better than the current system.


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