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Re: Idiot's Guide to Debian Packaging

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Arto Astala wrote:

> David Welton: > 
> > Yes, please use Novice or some such word...  
> Idiot suited me fine. It describes beautifully my state of
> ignorance. Still, it may offend some, even tho' it also 
> tickles my admittedly black sense of humor.

The common use of 'idiot' and similiar words as descriptions for those who
are not computer literate is a pet peave of mine...  Just because someone
doesn't know how to do something doesn't mean they are an idiot:-)

> (I have liked unusual combinations of way signs, like:
>   Nursing School / Cemetery  or  Cemetery / Smokery.)

I saw a good one once in a small town in northern california -
"Cemetery/Dump" (seriously!:-)

> > Why don't we do this *well* for once, and then link it into the home page,
> > as well as sprinkling references to it throughout docs where appropriate.
> > Maybe more people would be inclined to use our packaging system if a nice
> > straightforward and official guide like this were available (not to knock
> > the other efforts, but www.debian.org is nice, easy and official.
> The expressed intent was to do it well (in comparison with previous 
> efforts), I'm sure there is no trouble in including it in official 
> docs when it's ready.

Hmm after I sent this, I realized that 'well' wasn't the correct word.
Some of the other efforts have been quite good.  Maybe 'seriously' would
be better.. make it official, include it with our documentation, make sure
it stays maintained.


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