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wu-ftpd, badly hacked libc6 version available


If other people are as annoyed as I am by wu-ftpd screwing up
there wtmp file, maybe you want to try


I've had to remove the specially supplied "logwtmp" function
(blatantly ignoring warnings in the source about keeping wtmp
open), so I think this version most likely contains a bug that
the special logwtmp function was intened to fix. But as the current
libc5 wu-ftpd just screws my wtmp file up completely, my
hacked up wu-ftpd can only be an improvement.

Also, note that apparetnly the package doesn't do dpkg-shlibdeps
or anything, so it still seems to depend on libc5 (but the binaries
inside are true libc6). I'm thus not intending to ever release this
package. But it might just be of help for other people.
(it does keep my wtmp file intackt)


joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org

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