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Re: mentors for new maintainers

'Paul Seelig wrote:'
>thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu (Paul J Thompson) writes:
>> well then, if lists are the way to go, then great!  we need a new list for 
>> debian-newmaint or something.  just as a new maintainer i feel uncomfortable 
>> posting my stupid questions here.
>Actually i'm very thankful to everybody who dares posting a seemingly
>dumb question and thus prevents me from having to pose it myself.  I'm
>eagerly reading along to read the most intelligent answers to these
>questions and do learn more from these than you seem to consider.
>I'm a new maintainer myself and don't like to have to use a separate
>list for these questions.  Please don't split debian-devel this way.

I agree.  When I'm in the mood and have the time, I don't mind helping
new maintainers.  When I'm just trying to get current on the lists, I
can easily skip the questions of the inexperienced.  IMO, debian-devel
is the place for these questions.  Besides, the review material helps
keep me tuned to issues that I might otherwise have forgotten.

Has everyone noticed that I prefer filtering and sorting messages in
one list to the filtering and sorting of dozens of lists?  Good,
because it is my strong opinion that splitting lists is, in general,
detrimental to the quality of the list.

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