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Re: mentors for new maintainers

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> Igor Grobman wrote:
> > 
> > Fabrizio Polacco wrote:
> > > A place where a new-maintainer can feel supported, where instead I
> > > see that debian-devel badly accepts those recurrent threads.
> > 
> > I like your idea, but I still think having individual mentor is
> > better.
> Yes it is, but ... who volunteers?
> I remember Bruce posting a request for this more then once and after
> several months nothing have moved.

I believe it was Fernando, and we'll never know who volunteered :-) (I know I 
> The problem IMO is that a lot of people can help on a list, where you
> can post and following a thread if you have time, but follow a new
> developer is a ... full time job. 

I think you are exaggerating it a bit here.  I have a little bit of an 
experience of walking people through on IRC.  It does not take that much of an 
effort.  First of all, I would expect them to read the docs, and refer to them 
if I can.  Some things are not clear in the docs, and need to be explained.  
That's where a one-on-one mentor is a good idea.  I really don't expect this 
to be a full-time job.  We do have enough docs to explain everything.  A 
mentor just needs to fill in the small holes which are not clearly explained 
in the docs.


> And also I don't feel myself in the position of answering _all_
> questions that can come. I feel sure that I can aanswer some, but maybe
> what I say is not well fitted on that particular problem (every package
> is on its own side). So on a list I can be corrected by someone with
> more experience than me, and this is ok.

Well, you would not be forced to mentor a random maintainer, you can choose 
someone who has a package that is similar to what you know.  Again, if you 
can't answer a question, you should not be shy to ask it on the lists.  You 
are the mentor after all ;-).  

Here is where debian-newbiemaintainer list might be a good idea.  Not only the 
newbies can ask questions, but the mentors too :).

> For example I hadn't ever made a library package, and now I've packaged
> my liblockdev (I'm the upstream maintainer, so I had to :-). I still
> feel unsecure of having done right and I would like to post newbie
> questions on a friendly list ...
> > If you don't know the answer, you can always post to debian-devel :-).
> That's not that. I think that a problem has more that one right
> solution, and on a list you can have "the solution" while with a mentor
> you should stay only with that one.

I agree this is somewhat of a problem, but I still think the benefits of 
mentors outweigh the disadvantages.  

I still need more volunteers if we are going to go ahead with this idea.

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