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Re: reaction@lists.debian.org

> But i'm not sure a new mailinglist will solve the issue

No, I think you missed the point.

The idea is not to set up a new mailing list.  The idea is to have a magic 
address that you send messages to.

This is how it might work:
You reply to a message, and then change the To: address to be the magic 
address (i.e. agree@reaction.debin.org), then when the mail is received, it 
automatically logs your reaction against the message to which you replied (it 
knows because of the In-reply-to: in your reply)

So any time that someone mails a message to the lists that provoke a strong 
reaction, people always have the option of just lodging their reaction, 
without causing any noise on the list.

The counts on different reactions could then be published on the web pages, so 
that the people involved in the discussion could get an idea of what the 
consensus is.

In fact, since the mailing lists are being run by qmail (that is still the 
case isn't it ?)  we could handle it with an addresses of the form:

  debian-devel-vote-shutup@lists.debian.com  ;-)

So that you hardly have to type anything to register your opinion.

I'm not sure how we deal with the information once gathered.  Maybe send the 
totals once a day (if there was any change) to the author of the message, so 
they can get a feel for the audience reaction.

Cheers, Phil.

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