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Re: reaction@lists.debian.org

On Wed, Nov 05, 1997 at 05:41:15PM +0000, Philip Hands wrote:
> > But i'm not sure a new mailinglist will solve the issue
> No, I think you missed the point.
> The idea is not to set up a new mailing list.  The idea is to have a magic 
> address that you send messages to.
> This is how it might work:
> You reply to a message, and then change the To: address to be the magic 
> address (i.e. agree@reaction.debin.org), then when the mail is received, it 
> automatically logs your reaction against the message to which you replied (it 
> knows because of the In-reply-to: in your reply)
> So any time that someone mails a message to the lists that provoke a strong 
> reaction, people always have the option of just lodging their reaction, 
> without causing any noise on the list.
> The counts on different reactions could then be published on the web pages, so 
> that the people involved in the discussion could get an idea of what the 
> consensus is.
> In fact, since the mailing lists are being run by qmail (that is still the 
> case isn't it ?)  we could handle it with an addresses of the form:
>   debian-devel-vote-for@lists.debian.com
>   debian-devel-vote-against@lists.debian.com
>   debian-devel-vote-shutup@lists.debian.com  ;-)
> So that you hardly have to type anything to register your opinion.
> I'm not sure how we deal with the information once gathered.  Maybe send the 
> totals once a day (if there was any change) to the author of the message, so 
> they can get a feel for the audience reaction.

I think that there is a problem with this proposal:
there is the risk of a non well reasoned vote: with the actual system if I
rellay think that a idea is wrong, I must justify my opinions, and this
favour a reasoned vote. With your proposed system, there is a high risk that
a lot of people vote without a deep reasoning about the proposal.
I agree with you that the current system don't scale very well, and in
future will be necessary perhaps a change in it, but think that your
proposal is not right.


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