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Ramdisk > 8Mb

I'm trying to set up a minimal Debian system consisting of X, xterm,
telnet,ftp (and what they need to work) onto a ramdisk, so that I can
boot it without destroing the universities NT system first. I have
enough space on the C drive to hold a ramdisk and 64 MB ram, but I
can't repartition the drive.

I tried to set up a ramdisk of 40 MB, which didn't work.
mke2fs /dev/ram1 16384 (or bigger) gives erros.
mke2fs /dev/ram1 8192 works.

After decreasing the size down to 8MB I was able to format the drive
without error messages. I was able to have several of these 8 MB
ramdisks, so there is enough memory for the ramdisk.

I also tried to start linuw with the 'initrd=file' option and file
being a 40 MB spam file, which gave the same errors as mke2fs.

Now I wonder where I could change the limit of a ramdisk? Can I give a 
bootoption for it or do I have to compile a new kernel? Whats the
limit there for?

Also I'm wondering how I can tell loadlin or syslinux to load two
ramdisks instead of one.

May the Source be with you.

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