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Re: qmail-src (was RFC: New source packaging format)

> > If I get rid of /var/qmail, I know I would eventually see a thread on
> > djb-qmail@koobera.math.uic.edu that would go like this:
> > [ranting deleted - iwj]
> This is irrelevant.  We are system integrators, and should feel free
> to change the layout of a package against the recommendations of the
> package's upstream authors in order to make it fit in with the rest of
> the system.

I'm not sure that the principle of ``Least Surprise'' should be dismissed so 

The fact that 100% of the current qmail user population expects to be able to 
find qmail's configuration files under /var/qmail, suggests to me that there 
is little point confusing them for a saving of about 1k of disk space.

There are similar examples of pandering to user expectations that have been 
sanctioned by FSSTND:

  /usr/bin/X11 -> /usr/X11R6/bin

  /usr/lib/sendmail -> /usr/sbin/sendmail 

> Furthermore, we have a policy that says we adhere to the FSSTND, which
> does not allow /var/qmail.  Ergo, /var/qmail should not exist.

>From the FSSTND:

  The point is that symlinks should be there to keep everything where
  everyone else expects find it.

> If you don't like this policy you should go to debian-policy to try to
> get it changed (and you will probably not succeed) or just put up with
> it anyway.

I'm fine with this policy, since I happen to think it supports me ;-)

OK, I admit it, it probably doesn't really support me, but I think we have to 
show some flexibility in the way we apply such rules, and I see enough leway 
in the FSSTND to allow for what I was suggesting.

If I get the impression that the majority of developers think that it is wrong 
to create /var/qmail, and that it is important enough to cause the wasted 
bandwidth on debian-user and djb-qmail that will inevitably result from 
removing it, then I guess I'll have to make it optional in the postinst :-(

The package is currently in a state of flux anyway, since at the moment some 
of the configuration files are still really on /var and not /etc (so it's even 
worse that you thought :) until I get a chance to write some smart postinst 
stuff for moving things around when upgrading.

> Would you like me to file a bug report against qmail ?

If it will make you feel better ;-)

Please note, because of Dan's distribution policy, qmail is non-free by our 
definitions, so regardless of the rights or wrongs of /var/qmail, this 
`contamination' will not be introduced into the main distribution, only into 

Cheers, Phil.

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