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Re: qmail-src (was RFC: New source packaging format)

Philip Hands:
[ Someone Philip Hands didn't identify: ]
> > One point is that not everyone has had qmail before. Those people
> > do not expect /var/qmail thingie. At least make it optional.
> > (Ask at configure time or something.)
> I thought about that, but concluded that it would be a mistake.
> The reason is nothing to do with debian, it is to do with the qmail
> mailing list.  qmail has a very active mailing list where some very
> competent, but somewhat impatient people hang out.
> If I get rid of /var/qmail, I know I would eventually see a thread on
> djb-qmail@koobera.math.uic.edu that would go like this:
> [ranting deleted - iwj]

This is irrelevant.  We are system integrators, and should feel free
to change the layout of a package against the recommendations of the
package's upstream authors in order to make it fit in with the rest of
the system.

Furthermore, we have a policy that says we adhere to the FSSTND, which
does not allow /var/qmail.  Ergo, /var/qmail should not exist.

If you don't like this policy you should go to debian-policy to try to
get it changed (and you will probably not succeed) or just put up with
it anyway.

The fact that qmail's upstream authors and his disciples are arrogant
and unreasonable should not stop us from doing the technically correct

Would you like me to file a bug report against qmail ?


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