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Re: mentors for new maintainers

Igor Grobman <igor@digicron.com> writes:

> I like your idea, but I still think having individual mentor is better.  

why not do both!? Someone will like a newbies list more than a
dedicated mentor and vice versa. So everyone can do/use what he like
(freedom ;-) ) ...
> The problem with mento idea is the fact that I only got a single volunteer for 
> it so far.  I believe we have many more qualified people here.  Come
> to think 

perhaps that's enough!? How many people have asked for a mentor so far!?

> Volunteers?

Perhaps we go the following way:

We create a new-maintainer list for two purposes:

1) for people searching a mentor: they post their intention/motivation
etc. and ask for a mentor (and hopefully get someone - this process
can be seconded by a responsible person/coordinator i.e. Igor at the
moment). This more personal way is perhaps better for our informal
group than searching volunteers which can't estimate the effort to
support newbies.

2) every question is allowed on the newbies list. If it's not a newbie
question it can be moved to devel afterwards.


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