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Re: mentors for new maintainers

Christian Leutloff wrote:
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> Igor Grobman <igor@digicron.com> writes:
> > I like your idea, but I still think having individual mentor is better.  
> why not do both!? Someone will like a newbies list more than a
> dedicated mentor and vice versa. So everyone can do/use what he like
> (freedom ;-) ) ...

Sure.  I have no problem with this.  However, some people object to splitting 
yet another list from debian-devel.

> > The problem with mento idea is the fact that I only got a single volunteer for 
> > it so far.  I believe we have many more qualified people here.  Come
> > to think 
> perhaps that's enough!? How many people have asked for a mentor so far!?
> > Volunteers?
> Perhaps we go the following way:
> We create a new-maintainer list for two purposes:
> 1) for people searching a mentor: they post their intention/motivation
> etc. and ask for a mentor (and hopefully get someone - this process
> can be seconded by a responsible person/coordinator i.e. Igor at the
> moment). This more personal way is perhaps better for our informal
> group than searching volunteers which can't estimate the effort to
> support newbies.
> 2) every question is allowed on the newbies list. If it's not a newbie
> question it can be moved to devel afterwards.

Like already mentioned in the mail to people who applied to be a mentor, I'd 
rather see 2 lists.  One would be a place to seek mentors. and for mentors to 
solve organizational issues. The other would be a general newbie help list.  I 
am not convinced the latter is necessary if the mentoring will work.

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