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Re: mentors for new maintainers

Christian Leutloff wrote:
> Fabrizio Polacco <fpolacco@icenet.fi> writes:
> > can post and following a thread if you have time, but follow a new
> > developer is a ... full time job. 
> > And also I don't feel myself in the position of answering _all_
> > questions that can come. I feel sure that I can aanswer some, but maybe
> We should define the responsibilities of a mentor. (Igor, can you
> collect the definition and repost it to the list!?)
> Here's my view:
> The mentor is the first person to contact if there are any
> difficulties or questions. The mentor puts his newbie on the relevant
> documents/lists etc. He gives some hints on useful tools (debhelper,
> debmake, ...) He's *not* the guru to answer all questions. This way
> he's more like a personal leader/helper and it isn't a full time job.

The above definition is fine with me.  I would add that the mentor would help 
with the problems a newbie will encounter while trying to build his first 
package, and check that the package is fine before it gets uploaded.

It would be nice if at least a couple more people volunteered for mentoring.

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