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Re: New ip-up (Was: Re: REQ ip-up: run-parts /etc/ppp/up )

Not sure how this thread got here, but: rsh has a problem because it
generates a second connection from the server back to the client to
handle stderr. (can we all say "ewwwww", boys and girls?)  However, it
just uses the ip address the client came from, so getting a dynamic
address won't make things worse...

As for xauth: the problem is usually that the xauth cookie is looked
up by *hostname* in the xauth config file, so if that changes, it
doesn't know which value to use. 

As for getsockname on a connected socket: yep, it  is the right
answer; but if you're using UDP, (1) it's broken on linux (2) it's
somewhat broken on solaris (2.4 at least, maybe 2.5.1 as well, but
supposed to be fixed in 2.6...)

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