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Re: including Qt on Debian

From: Tyson Richard DOWD <trd@cs.mu.oz.au>
> I think I understand what you are getting at - a statically linked
> version of KDE (which has already linked qt) would not depend upon
> a non-free component. So there would be a single component "KDE" which
> would include source for KDE (but not Qt), and be statically linked
> with Qt. Is this what you meant?
> However, since some of the source code for a component is not available,
> I don't think this gets around the free software guidelines. I suspect
> this is still "non-free" software -- and because of the missing source, is
> even less useful than a normal KDE+Qt setup.

Distributing GPL-ed software that is linked to non-free components
(either dynamicaly or staticaly) violates the GPL. Read the GPL. The
only people who can prosecute against this particular violation are the
copyright owners. In this case, the copyright owners are not
interested in prosecuting themselves. However, that doesn't mean _we_ like


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