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Re: need someone to run the mirror list for a while

In article <m0xQbpM-00IdTUC@golem.pixar.com> you wrote:
: I need someone to run the mirror list for a while. Karl seems to have
: disappeared.

What, exactly, would be involved in doing this? I can spare about five or
ten minutes per day to help out, but more than that is not an option
(right now, I'm busy with talks, assignments, thesis, etc., etc.) Once I've
finished my thesis - it's due on the 16th December, but I'm aiming to get
it done by the 20th November - I can spare more time (ie: all of it, when
I'm not looking for a job :-)

Oh, and good news: Modula 3 is > < _this_ close to being properly packaged
up. I'll be looking for feedback from M3 users with regards to how it's
split up into Debian packages, but things are looking good otherwise.
Once I've finished M3, and it's satisfactory, I'll package up CVSup as
well. (a rather neataroonie program for keeping local copies of CVS
repositories up-to-date over the 'Net. Written in Modula 3, otherwise
I'd have packaged it up already.)


Running at a mere 104 billion instructions per second, the SX4 appears to
be the only machine actually capable of running Office '97.
  -- ChipChat, Australian Personal Computer, September 1997 (paraphrased.)

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