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Re: including Qt on Debian

On Sun, Nov 02, 1997 at 08:06:24PM +1000, Conrad Sanderson wrote:
> On 2 Nov 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> : Conrad> I know.  I am going to ask the KDE people to make 2 versions
> : Conrad> of the software, since it is the only way some people want to
> : Conrad> listen.  One version will be dynamically linked and the other
> : Conrad> one statically (hence absolutely NO licensing restrictions are
> : Conrad> made).  Would you then include it as part of your linux
> : Conrad> distribution ?
> : 
> : 	Can we freely distribute and modify the source?
> yes.  KDE is GPL.

Yes, that's why it IS available on debian, in contrib.
Contrib is the home for software which is free but depends
on non-free components. Qt is non-free. KDE is free.
Unfortunately, to qualify for the main distribution,
every component of a package and the tools it depends on
to be built and run must be free. With the main distribution,
you have the right to modify and distribute, etc, absolutely
everything, right down to the kernel. You don't have that
right with KDE.

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