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Re: including Qt on Debian

>>"Conrad" == Conrad Sanderson <csand@wave.me.gu.edu.au> writes:

Conrad> On Fri, 31 Oct 1997,      Andreas Jellinghaus wrote: 
Andreas> : > Could you please explain to me why you don't want to
Andreas> include Qt on : > the Debian distribution ? : : its not free
Andreas> software : we may not change it, may not fix bugs, : and if

Conrad> that's a side issue.
	No, that is not a side issue for Debian.	

Conrad> You can always just ship the binary versions of the Qt
Conrad> toolkit.  This doesn't contravene any licensing.

	It violates debian's social contract. 

Conrad> I know.  I am going to ask the KDE people to make 2 versions
Conrad> of the software, since it is the only way some people want to
Conrad> listen.  One version will be dynamically linked and the other
Conrad> one statically (hence absolutely NO licensing restrictions are
Conrad> made).  Would you then include it as part of your linux
Conrad> distribution ?

	Can we freely distribute and modify the source?

Conrad> btw, this is what Qt was trying to change: the bloatedness of
Conrad> statically linking libraries, which everybody has to do with
Conrad> Motif.  Qt is free to use.  I really don't understand this
Conrad> idealism that something is either completely free or not free
Conrad> at all.

	Sorry. But that is the way Debian is. Our social contract
 specifies what our goals for Debian are. 


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