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Re: mentors for new maintainers

Igor Grobman wrote:
> > [Fabrizio wrote:]  Yes it is, but ... who volunteers?
> > I remember Bruce posting a request for this more then once and after
> > several months nothing have moved.
> I believe it was Fernando, and we'll never know who volunteered :-)
> (I know I (I know I did).

Yes, Fernando offered to coordinate, but I don't know if some new
developer were effectively helped.

> >
> > The problem IMO is that a lot of people can help on a list, where
> > you can post and following a thread if you have time, but follow
> > a new developer is a ... full time job.
> I think you are exaggerating it a bit here. 

yes, I am. Please let me say that the decision to mentor a person needs
just a little more responsibility than following a package.

> I have a little bit of an experience of walking people through on IRC.

Oh, IRC. 
As much non-edu people in Europe I can't use IRC because of telephone

>   We do have enough docs to explain everything.  A
> mentor just needs to fill in the small holes which are not clearly
> explained in the docs.

Then having this holes discovered on a public list could have the side
effect of "closing" them (upgrading the docs).

> Here is where debian-newbiemaintainer list might be a good idea. 
> Not only the newbies can ask questions, but the mentors too :).

I think that the bigger advantage in the use of a list in in "sharing
answers". Such a list should surely have a FAQ.

> I still need more volunteers if we are going to go ahead with this
>  idea.

This could be the "final" problem.

Paul Seelig wrote:
> I'm a new maintainer myself and don't like to have to use a separate
> list for these questions.  Please don't split debian-devel this way.

You should really use procmail or a similar tool to manage the lists;
with it you could re-join the splitted lists together.
You should consider that there is a lot of people that doesn't want to
receive the "new-maintainer" stuff and if we don't split the lists there
will not be a way for solving their problem, while it is quite easy to
solve your.
If there is a real need, it should be possible to create a virtual list
whose subscribers are automatically subscribed to _all_ the lists born
from a split of debian-devel, so for them (and only for them) it would
work as if debian-devel wasn't ever splitted.

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